Full Care Boarding

$250.00 month

prices subject to change

Stall Boarding
Each individual stall is equipped with automatic watering systems which are heated during the winter months, hay racks, overhead lighting, and electrical outlets. Along with the custom made stall doors that lead into the alleyway of the arena, each stall is equipped with a door that leads to the turnout pasture as well.
Breeding Services
Seeley Stables now offers on-site breeding services with our Cremello stallion. Call for more details.   

Breeding Services

Mr. Deeds

Mare Care Services
Includes hay and grain. Special supplements and feed must be supplied by the owner. Call for pricing.

$325.00 month

Pasture Boarding
Allow your horse the freedom of a healthy feeding atmosphere with our pasture boarding. Observe how increased activity and social interaction leads to reduced equine stress and boredom.  In return, this type of board optimizes the overall health of your horse.    

Seeley Stables

Foals from Mr. Deeds: 

Mare color:
Black                                                                   Red and White Paint                                                            Tri-colored Paint                                                               Black and White Paint