Laura Seeley​ & Colin Sick

EXPERIENCE:      25 + Years

Meet The Owners

Seeley Stables

The Seeley Family and Arabians have always gone hand and hoof. My grandparents raised show Arabians and I grew up, feeling the excitement of competition, experiencing  the bond between horse and rider, and learning to deal with the ups and downs that come with the cowgirl way of life. 

Having been on a horse before I could even walk, it was predestined that I would eventually establish my own way of spreading the enjoyment that horses bring to me, to others. With the construction of the riding arena my dream of Seeley Stables came true. Having friends, family, and my first horse Galaxy right by my side, making the dream a reality has been hard, but very fulfilling. Now we are able to help others experience and feel the wonderful sensation you get just being with such a majestic animal. Watching our little girls grow up on horseback has been the highlight of my life. Seeing my oldest daughter at the age of 8 walk in my footsteps to the point of trying to train her own horse, has filled me with a sense of pride beyond what words could describe. 

- Laura Seeley-Sick