Seeley Stables

Seeley Stables is dedicated to supporting our local veterans.  We have established a Not-For-Profit Organization that allows veterans from the surrounding area to experience the healing powers of working with and riding horses.

Veterans Equestrian Training Services

Seeley Stables is a satellite rescue facility working in collaboration with Evanescent Mustang Rescue.  It is our goal to keep as many mustangs as possible out of the Kill Pens and keep them from heading to slaughter. 

All adoption fees go toward removing a mustang from a Kill Pen.  Fees are based on the amount of training the mustang has had, or will need. 

Training is available by the experienced trainer of Seeley Stables, or get guided assistance from the trainer as you bond with your mustang and get the "Mustang Makeover" Experience.

Photos of mustangs rescued and up for adoption are available upon request.

Mustang Rescue and Rehabilitation