Seeley Stables

$20 for every 1/2 hour

* Prices subject to change.

Western Riding Lessons
  • pleasure
  • gaming
  • trail riding - call for specific details, horses not available to "rent" for a trail ride

Riding Lessons


Head Trainer: 
Laura Seeley
​Over 30 years
Available upon request


Training (1 month) - $800

Conditioning (weekly) - $250

Services Include:

- full care stall board

- minimum of 1 hour daily

  training / conditioning

English Riding Lessons
  • pleasure
  • beginner jumping
  • competition preparation

​Seeley Stables Training:

The staff here at Seeley Stables brings many years of experience, dedication, and knowledge to the training of your horse. With experience in many different methods and techniques, there is sure to be a system suitable for you and your horse.

-Call for more information